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COVID-19 Response
Brandywine Outfitters is committed to maintaining the health and well being of our customers and staff in response to Covid-19. We have taken steps to ensure that our location and facility is cleaned and sanitized daily.

Zipline And Adventure-Based Learning At Brandywine Outfitters

  • High Ropes Challenge Course

High Ropes Challenge Course

High ropes experiences are characterized more by individuals challenging their own "perceived limits" within a supportive group environment. High elements are made from cables and ropes attached to trees or poles that range in height from twenty-five (25) to fifty (50) feet off the ground. All climbers are attached to a belay system consisting of a rope tied to the climber that runs through a pulley hanging from a cable (tested to 17,000 lbs.) above their head and returning to a highly trained professional that will guide the participant through the physically, emotionally and intellectually challenging experiences. Some of the issues addressed are: goal setting, challenging one's own fears and perceived limits, how a group can affect an individual's success, dealing with problems one step at a time and belief in one's self.
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  • Low Ropes Challenge Course

Low Ropes Challenge Course

Low ropes experiences are based on the individuals actions and how those actions affect others around them and group cohesion as whole. Low elements are made from cables and ropes attached to trees or poles that range in height from one (1) to five (5) feet off the ground. Some of the issues addressed are: communication, listening skills, following directions, trust, power of group cooperation, physical and emotional support, decision making, problem solving, leadership/followship issues, respecting individual differences within a group and responsibility for ones own actions. Other activities include cooperative games, trust activities and group initiatives.
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  • Personal Growth Adventure Camp

Personal Growth Adventure Camp   (currently colsed)

Experiential Dynamics and Brandywine Outfitters is combining to provide Adventure-Based Learning. We teach through self-discovery, personal growth and leadership skills. Our program is experiential (learn by doing) in nature. Our main goal is always "safe fun", with the emphasis on "safe", including both physical and emotional safety. This atmosphere encourages individuals as well as groups to reach beyond their perceived limits, set and reach higher goals, improve confidence, increase self-esteem and develop strategies that enhance problem solving and decision making skills.

Environmental Program

Brandywine Outfitters environmental program offers a wide range of classes from reptile study to stream evaluation. Classes can be combined with ropes and paddle sports.
  • From Beginners To Adults

Corporate Team Specialized Training   Price varies, please call for a customized program

Canoe / Kayak Program
2 to 3 hours
Recommended ages 10 and up
Up to 6 persons $90
Per additional person $1
Environmental Program
2 hours
Recommended ages 8 and up
Up to 8 persons $80
Per additional person $10

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